Learn more about Your God

You are invited to a class designed to offer a non-threatening atmosphere for people to discover more about God and the Bible, and to become acquainted with what we teach and believe at Trinity, Salem, and Good Shepherd. It is intended to answer any and all questions you always wanted to ask, like: “How did we get the Bible, and can we trust it?” “Do I really have a guardian angel?” “What’s the difference between denominations?” “Why does God allow bad things to happen?” “How can I really be optimistic about Judgment Day?” The class, taught by the pastor, prepares any participant for membership, but being in the class doesn’t obligate you to become a member. We want you to feel free to question and explore, so we allow plenty of time for questions and discussion. Bibles and class materials are gladly provided. The class is casual and fun! Class days and times tend to fit the needs of our participants, so check with the church office. Each class normally lasts 90-minutes. The course is called “Growing in Hope” and classes continue for eighteen weeks, and we will gladly meet for “makeup” work with those who must miss a class or two of the series. Drop us an e-mail at wels.eastern.montana@gmail.com or just call 406-635-2180 to discuss taking the class. Come join us we want you to come, and you will be glad you did.